Torbera's Fast

A lonely outpost located at about the halfway point of the Ghent-Lihagu trade route. Travel to and from this isolated city is only accomplished by means of heavily defended trade caravans. Despite this difficulty, the city has continued to grow and survive. Travellers who see its heavy, dwarven-built walls also universally give some sigh of relief that safety is near at hand.

Torbera's Fast City Map


Torbera's Fast Heraldry

Torbera Greathammer, Priestess of Moradin, led an expedition into the wilds east of her homeland. This territory, disputed between the vicious tribes of elves to the north and evil tribes of orcs to the south and east, saw the sorry turn of seasons as only those times of blood and those times of less blood. Torbera thought that she could bring a measure of peace to the land by driving the hated orcs from the forest, rightful home of the elves. Her host achieved much, but ultimately, such a quest was futile. In the end, Torbera was mortally wounded by an orcish arrow to her gut. Taking refuge by a lake, her soldiers kept guard. The elves of the area, impressed by her prowess, drove all invaders away. Torbera lingered for weeks, long enough that word of her situation reached the ears of her clansmen in her homeland. They sent forth a great war-party. Unfortunately, they did not reach Torbera in time for their clerics to aid her. Instead, the dwarves raised a monument to her bravery and an encampment from which to strike at the clan that brought her low. For two decades, this war-party searched before achieving their vengeance. By that time, a stronghold had been raised around Torbera’s monument. People had flocked to the settlement for trade and safety. Torbera’s Fast; dwarven built, crowded and always at risk of invasion from orcish hordes; it is a dim bit of light in a world of savagery.

Shops and Such

Bristling Boar Inn: a respectable inn where one can find clean rooms and good food at a reasonable price. The place is a favorite of adventurers and merchants passing through on the GhentLihagu trade route.

Faster’s Feast: a well-known shop where one can buy and sell goods of questionable origin if one makes the right connections.

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Torbera's Fast

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