General History

A couple a centuries ago, no one knows exactly how long ago, the scattered tribes of goblinoids remaining in the world began to unite under a group of banners, all giving service to the god Bane. As their numbers swelled and cities fell to their onslaught, the nations of the world fought among themselves deciding what to do. As the decades pressed on, the goblins slowly gained the upper hand. Eventually, the scales tipped and every nation fell under the relentless tides. Far from monolithic, the conquering goblins fell into fighting amongst themselves. Vast tracts of the world were depopulated, and the last vestiges of just civilization fell back to take up defensive positions in out-of-the-way corners. The dwarves fared best, but even their mighty strongholds were not invulnerable. Fortunately, some hope still remains in the world.

Torbera’s Fast

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