• Aelar of the Stag Tribe

    Aelar of the Stag Tribe

    A female elvish ranger who prefers to fight with a spear in her main hand and a short sword in her other, she hails form a particularly wild tribe to the north of the Elvish Woods. A bit abrasive to some, she desires the end of the orc threat to her peopl
  • Fagrim Skyborn

    Fagrim Skyborn

    A dwarf fighter hailing from Ghent's sheltered farm valley, he feels a need to defend his people by not merely fighting back when they push at the defenses, but by bringing the fight to them and ending the threat that they pose.
  • Gennal Feywalker

    Gennal Feywalker

    An elf druid who spent his formative decades in the FeyWild under the tutelage of a Fey Lord. There he learned an appreciation for the wild places of the world and the balance of nature. He devotes himself to Corellon, and he desires to spread such an app
  • Salmoneus of Ghent

    Salmoneus of Ghent

    A human bard hailing from Ghent, he desires to spread the inspiration of the stories of Ghent's defenders in order to motivate others to bring the light of civilization back to a world nearly plunged into darkness by the goblins and orcs.
  • Thersias


    A secretive devotee of the Raven Queen, Thersias' utilizes the wintry elements of magic when enemies stand in his way. He searches for an artifact in the area of Torbera's Fast in order to complete a rite of passage - for whom or what he reveals to few.
  • Lord Mayor Adinis

    Lord Mayor Adinis

    The Lord Mayor of Torbera's Fast. He dresses and presents himself quite stiffly, and he seems to perpetually speak loudly.
  • Rjar


    A dedicated cleric of Kord, Rjar is not the sort to devote himself to dogma and ritual. He serves the Lord of Battle by proving himself time and again against ever greater foes. What other sort of service could one give to such a god?