Reclaiming the Wilds

To Agrim Tower

Summoned by the Lord Mayor Adinis to the city keep, our Salmoneus, Fagrim, Gennal, and Aelar made their way to meet the ruler of Torbera’s Fast. On the way, quite a few nervous citizens and quite a few others who style themselves after the dwarves—growing their beards as long as they could, some stuffing their shoulders and chests to appear larger, a few even had wig beards! The city keep of Torbera’s Fast is an irregularly shape structure whose core is obviously dwarven-made. Over the years, the subsequent rulers of the city have added their own marks, giving the place a conglomerate look. The Lord Mayor himself is a human with strictly kept appearances and a very stiff posture. He addresses the adventurers as he appears to always address others, in a loud voice. He says that the was to Agrim Tower has once more been found. The place has been taken over by the Underchief to the goblins in the area. He wishes that our heroes take them out. After a little sweet talking from Salmoneus, he relates that the tower was once the residence of his family, but that the Last Lord of Agrim Tower, whose name has been stricken from record, lost his honor, and voluntarily transformed himself into an undead monstrosity before dying of his wounds.

Lainvin relates the way to the heroes, but explains that they will likely have to fight their way through the Foxhead Tribe in order to make it to the tower. In order to gain supplies, they are recommended to Ivarhael, who runs a shop by the name of Faster’s Feast. Ivarhael offers each member of the party in turn a leaf from his purse that he is constantly chewing on, but they refuse.

The party travels to the location specified by Lainvin and Lord Adinis, but are ambushed by the Foxhead Tribe. After making quick work of these degenerates, the party decides to rest the night before approaching the goblin underchief. During the night Fagrim is mysteriously attacked by a goblin who immediately runs off.

Once they arrive at Agrim Tower, their ant mounts refuse to go near. The party surprises the goblins who are lounging in on the bottom floor, and quickly slaughters all but the hobgoblin amongst them, thanks to a rather heroic entrance from Clancy, the Dragonborn fighter accompanying them. He burst into the room, released a blast of his lightning breath, and cleaved through two unfortunate minions. The party mopped up in short order.

The next floor of the tower was not so easy for the party. They were immediately set upon by the goblins who had been alerted by Big Grigbad’s dying gong hit. The hexer continually harassed the party by moving his noxious cloud to hinder their attacks while sharpshooters picked at the party. Aelar took a nasty fall back to the first floor, but she still managed to rejoin the fight and even help lead the assault upon the goblin positions. Clancy, magically blinded for some time, decided it was best to hang back than risk falling himself. Salmoneus and Gennal proved their worth by throwing spell after spell at the sharpshooters, softening them up until Clancy and Aelar could mop up. Poor Fagrim had such difficulty jumping up to the platform…

Up next is the Underchief himself. Also, the party has yet to see any signs of the tombs that were supposedly locked up by the squire as he left. Maybe more of this story can be discovered once the tower is cleared…



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