Reclaiming the Wilds

Riding Into Town on Noble Ant Steeds

Ant Steeds

Salmoneus, Aelar, and Gennal join with Clancy (Dragonborn Fighter) to assist more local farmers with more attacks upon their livestock. Salmoneus, convinced that the attacks were the Chupacabras and Chalupas, attempted to verify this with some farmers that were recently attacked. Fortunately, Gennal’s sharp eyes led them to the proper path to take them to the ant colony. They end up in the same clearing where the party fought the Urk tribe. It was transformed. A giant ant colony filled the area. Upon killing the ant around the entrance, the party collects a number of herbs to create a poison to attempt to feed the Queen. Before they are able to find a way to administer this poison, a couple of ants come forth from the hive and the Queen begins to talk telepathically to the party. With slick words, Salmoneus successfully negotiates a truce with the Queen for Torbera’s Fast. He negotiates so well that they gain ant mounts! On their way back, they come across a band of orcs camping in an abandoned farmhouse. With their new mounts, they make short work of the fools. Their return to town was quite a sight.



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