Reclaiming the Wilds

Exterminating the Rat King

Thersias and Rjar were joined by Relic, a warforged artifacter, on a quest issued from the owner of a local storehouse. This storehouse seems to have been overrun by rats. Despite a number of attempts by the owner to kill them all, the rats have only gotten bigger and more numberous.

After clearing the storehouse proper, Rjar noticed that the rear of the storehouse seemed to have some entrance concealed at the rear. Upon inspecting, the wall gave way to a cave hidden behind. In this cave were two goblins in the midst of an obscene ritual that seemed to be causing the multitude of rats surrounding them to multiply. After dispatching yet more rats and the goblin Rat Queen, the party followed the Rat King who had fled.

Narrowly avoiding a poorly-built water-pit trap, the party forced their way past goblin defenders to confront the Rat King once more. With little effort they dispatched him. He dissolved into a swarm of rats to join with a glowing green sceptar set on a dais near his “throne”. As the party attempted to negotiate the wards surrounding this sceptar, their failed tampering caused the rod to explode.

Now they go to collect their reward.



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